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Heinz Launched A Website That Takes 57 Minutes To Load But There's A Reward

It's a waiting game.
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Heinz Ketchup Site Takes 57 Minutes To Load & You Get A Free Bottle

There's a new Heinz Ketchup website and it actually takes 57 minutes to load but once it does, there's a reward for waiting.

It's being called "the world's slowest website" and it's meant to test people's patience.

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When you go to the site, you're met with a screen that's the Heinz shade of red and that's what you can stare at for 57 minutes.

Once it loads, people who waited will get a free bottle of ketchup

There are a limited number of bottles that will be given away so you ironically shouldn't wait to go to the site if you want free ketchup.

This is available for all Canadian residents who are 18 or older, excluding people in Quebec.

In 2020, Heinz also put out another unique creation.

It was a puzzle with 570 pieces that were all the exact same shade of red and it was so popular that it got re-released.

UPDATE: The free Ketchup giveaway is already out of stock, but the website says to check back soon, as "there may be more."

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