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Hellmann's Canada Is Giving Away A $1,000 HelloFresh Gift Card & Here's How To Enter

It's time to flex those creative muscles in the kitchen.

With Instagram feeds and TikTok food trends fast replacing the need for a recipe book, even the most rookie of chefs among us are feeling inspired to dabble in cooking a gourmet dish or two.

Where we may have once given up and ordered in, planning a meal has turned into an exciting, easy and — dare we say it — inspiring part of our week.

In response to the nation's reinvigorated taste for cooking, Hellmann's Canada has partnered with HelloFresh to give you the chance to win a $1000 HelloFresh gift card just for flexing your foodie muscles.

Called #DressToImpress, this contest puts your culinary creativity to the test by challenging you to create a dish featuring Hellmann's Salad Dressings — the latest addition to Hellmann's range of products that can help take any recipe to the next level.

The rules are simple: Come up with a creative entrée recipe featuring either Hellmann's Sesame Thai Dressing or their new Honey Dijon flavour and submit it to the #DressToImpress contest hub.

The winning recipe will be chosen by Hello Fresh and the masterchef behind it will be awarded a $1000 HelloFresh gift card. This works out to be about three meals a week for you and a buddy for three whole months, to be used at any time.

Not only that, but the winning recipe will inspire a dish that will be featured on HelloFresh's menu of delicious recipes to order in September 2021. Imagine ordering a recipe from HelloFresh that was inspired by your culinary creation!

Once your recipe is in the running, fellow food fans will also be able to like and share your submission, and the entries with the most likes on the contest hub will be featured on Hellmann's website and social channels.

Hellmann's Canada

The Sesame Thai and Honey Dijon dressings are bursting with all the inspirational flavour you need to create a winning entrée - and it doesn't have to be a salad. These versatile dressings can add that special something to so many different dishes, and can be found in major retailers across Canada.

The new Honey Dijon dressing, for instance, is a light, gluten-free vinaigrette made with real honey that adds serious flavour to power bowls and marinades.

The Sesame Thai dressing is just as flavourful, and with its plant-based blend of authentic Asian seasonings, it pairs perfectly with (yes) salads, but also noodles, stir-fries and even sauces.

Hellmann's Canada

You can check out Hellmann's recipe page for some inspiration, or if you're itching to get in the kitchen, go for it. Don't put off getting started though — the contest runs from April 26 to May 11.

After you've submitted your well-dressed dish, check out the rest of Hellmann's Dressings for more versatile and delicious ways to elevate your everyday meals.

Along with best-selling flavours like Caesar and Ranch, Hellmann's has added to the lineup with the introduction of Grapefruit Ginger — a plant-based light vinaigrette made with real ginger and red wine vinegar that adds a zesty touch to fresh spring salads.

Hellmann's Canada

Hellmann's #DressToImpress Cooking Contest

Cost to enter: Free

When: 9 a.m EST April 26 to 12:00 a.m. PST May 11

Where: Submit your creative entrée recipes featuring either Hellmann's Sesame Thai or Honey Dijon Dressing via the #DressToImpress contest hub.

Why You Need To Participate: A great way to experiment with new flavours and recipes, the chance to win a $1,000 HelloFresh gift card, and have your recipe inspire a dish on the HelloFresh menu!

Visit the contest hub for the chance to win a $1,000 HelloFresh gift card, or check out Hellmann's website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more info.