Whether you're a grill master, a novice chef, or simply someone who loves food (because don't we all?), chances are you probably know your way around a burger or two at this stage in the game.

And chances are just as high that you’ve tried spicing up your favourite summertime barbecue staple in some way, shape or form. Not saying your previous grill hacks might have been a little played out, but adding a fried egg to a hamburger is probably only fun the first three times. 

Thankfully, Hellmann’s has just launched an entirely new range of BBQ sauces in Canada, just in time to up your grill game.

Hellmann's already reigns supreme when it comes to mayo, using simple, high-quality ingredients like 100% free-run eggs and responsibly sourced canola oil to create their signature product. And they seem to have brought that kind of realness to their new line of sauces.

Flavours include Cilantro Lime, Spicy Chipotle Frites, and Sesame Ginger. They're everything you need to kick your summer food game up a notch. Even if your kitchen skills are limited, Hellmann's original condiments can really help add a tasty twist to just about any dish. 

Hellmann's Canada Hellmann's Canada

Their Cilantro Lime sauce, for example, is made with hatch chiles and tomatillos, giving it a mildly spicy and super zesty flavour profile, perfect to pair with tacos or use as a salad dressing. It even subs for tartar sauce, so it's great with fish, too. 

The Spicy Chipotle Frites sauce is an especially great accompaniment for burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches — and, let's not forget, fries. Made with chipotle peppers and tomatoes, plus a subtle hint of garlic and onion, this tasty creation is the ideal mix of smokiness and spiciness.

Hellmann's Canada

Finally, if you're big on Asian cuisine, then the Thai-inspired Sesame Ginger sauce promises to be a megahit. It's made with (you guessed it) sesame and ginger, but also soy sauce and lemon, meaning it's both creamy and tangy. It's a delicious finishing touch for salads, grain dishes, and noodles, and can even be used as a dipping sauce for fries.

Whichever one you choose, Hellmann's newest BBQ sauces are an awesome addition to any grilling enthusiast's summer stack. Plus, their seasonal favourite Classic Burger sauce has made its return on the shelves!

Whether it's a cookout with family, time spent relaxing with friends, or preparing lunch for two, these palate-pleasing sauces make even the simplest dishes taste supreme. 

To find Hellmann's new BBQ sauces, check out your local grocery store. For more mayo goodness, check out their website or visit them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube