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Here's How You Can Buy Sustainable Fish In Canada & Help Protect Our Oceans

It's as simple as knowing what to look for.

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Here's How You Can Buy Sustainable Fish In Canada & Help Protect Our Oceans

Many pescatarians choose to go meatless to protect the environment. This makes sense, with animal farming being one of the major contributors to climate change. But does seafood also need to be questioned? The short answer is yes.

Fish and other types of seafood (like shrimp and shellfish) aren't always sourced sustainably: more than one-third of the world's waters are being overfished — a highly concerning fact considering diverse oceans are a critical part of the Earth's delicate climate balance.

The good news is, as a consumer, you can help by choosing to support responsible fisheries when shopping. And what better time to learn about how you can protect the biodiversity of the world's oceans than during Seafood Month, which takes place throughout October.

Making the switch to wild-caught certified sustainable seafood is as easy as knowing what to look out for: the MSC blue fish label. Look for it in grocery stores and even in restaurants.

When you see it, you'll know that your wild-caught seafood comes from an independently assessed fishery that's committed to the survival and protection of the fish species it catches and the ecosystem our fisheries depend on.

The label comes from the Marine Stewardship Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping the world's oceans and fish stocks healthy — and making it easier to shop for sustainably harvested and sourced seafood.

Choosing certified sustainable seafood is becoming increasingly important: a recent report by the Blue Food Assessment estimates that the world's population will demand twice as much seafood by 2050. If these practices don't start now, ocean biodiversity will pay a big price.

The bottom line is that seafood becomes more accessible around the world if it's responsibly sourced. MSC data shows that the planet could provide protein for 72 million additional people if oceans were fished sustainably on the whole.

Buying MSC-certified seafood is one small way that Canadians can make a big impact.

Beyond buying sustainable seafood marked with the MSC-certified label, you can help to protect the Earth's oceans by reducing your plastic waste when shopping, talking with your friends and family about where your food comes from and learning more about the environmental issues affecting the oceans.

The more consumers like you demand sustainable products, the more brands will listen and make better sustainability commitments. Daily choices matter.

Protecting oceans and marine life is everyone's responsibility. By looking for the Marine Stewardship Council's blue fish label when you shop, you can make your next meal a more sustainable one.

To learn more about how the Marine Stewardship Council is helping to protect the world's oceans, visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.