Prepare to fall in love! If you thought a six-bedroom mini-mansion, complete with an infinity pool and backyard beach, would be out of your price range — think again. There’s a huge house for sale in New Brunswick that comes with all of that and more, and it costs less than a downtown city condo.

While $500,000 might not get you a multi-bedroom waterfront property in Toronto or Vancouver, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find one elsewhere.

In New Brunswick, where property is often surprisingly affordable, there’s a dream home for sale that’s just steps from the ocean, and it costs less than you might expect.

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Located on the stunning Miramichi Bay, this six-bedroom home is like a water lover’s paradise.

Not only does it have a whole beach basically in the backyard, it has a huge infinity pool that looks out onto the water.

As well as having panoramic views of the surrounding bay, there’s also no neighbours in sight!

Pretty, peaceful and private, it’s the perfect spot for anybody looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and embrace a more tranquil lifestyle.

Jeffrey Smith | RE/MAX 3000 LTD/LTEE

Inside, this place is equally impressive.

The property, which features four bathrooms, also has a grand foyer, an office, living room, formal dining room and a “massive dream kitchen,” as well as a pantry and laundry area.

There’s five guest bedrooms and a master bedroom, and a separate basement that’s currently used as a rec room, den and games room.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s even a pool house with a kitchenette and half-bathroom, designed to make your poolside experience even better!

Jeffrey Smith | RE/MAX 3000 LTD/LTEE

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this home, however, is the comparatively reasonable price tag.

Listed for just $499,900, it’s considerably cheaper than a Toronto condo, yet comes with a priceless view and an infinity pool.

With totally tiny city properties selling for almost $1 million, perhaps a move to the Picture Province should be on the cards!

6-Bedroom Mansion & Infinity Pool

Price: $499,900

Address: 7392 Rte 117, Miramichi, NB

Description: This huge property is jam-packed with dream home potential. It has loads of space, a stunning location and is surprisingly affordable. It's a mansion worth moving for!

Jeffrey Smith | RE/MAX 3000 LTD/LTEE

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