9 Dreamy Waterside Properties You Can Buy In Canada Right Now For Less Than $250K

Ever dreamed of life beside the seaside? ☀️🌊
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9 Dreamy Waterside Properties You Can Buy In Canada Right Now For Less Than $250K

If you’ve ever dreamed of waking up beside the water, look no further. There are so many waterfront properties for sale in Canada that are seriously dreamy but surprisingly affordable. Whether you’re looking for a private lake or a whole ocean in your backyard, Canada has got you covered.

So many people aspire to live alongside the water, and it’s not hard to understand why.

Waking up each morning to the sound of the waves crashing, whale-watching from your windows, and splashing and swimming through the summer months all sounds pretty idyllic.

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While you might think this kind of luxury living would come with a hefty price tag, there’s actually plenty of super-cheap properties that are just moments away from the shore.

In fact, you can actually nab priceless views across Canada for less than $250,000!

From beachside mini-mansions in Newfoundland and Labrador to cheap cabins in Nova Scotia and tent-homes in Quebec, a waterfront cottage could easily be all yours.

When teeny-tiny downtown properties cost upwards of $1 million, you could save a small fortune by moving inshore.

Grab your floatie and your flip-flops, the beach is calling!

Turquoise Tent House

Price: $185,000

Address: 56-58 Rue Labranche, Sainte-Brigitte-De-Laval, QC

Description: If you want a waterside property away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this tent-inspired home could be perfect. Just outside the front door, you'll discover unparalleled views of the nearby mountains and a river that’s all but yours.

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Private Paradise

Price: $165,000

Address: 5 Chemin Leblanc Poirier, Grande-Digue, NB

Description: This little slice of paradise has private and deeded beach access, in your very own backyard! With a waterside location, a huge garden and a super-pretty property, it's a real steal for just $165,000.

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Bargain Beach House 

Price: $49,500

Address: 32 Wellington St., Westport, NS

Description: While this little home needs some serious renovations inside, it’s a bargain at less than $50,000. You’ll need to spend some extra cash doing up the interior of the house, but you’ll be blessed with a priceless view for no extra cost.

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Cozy Lakefront Cabin

Price: $199,900

Address: 4061 Lac Le Jeune Dr., Knutsford, BC

Description: This super-sweet cottage is beautifully decorated inside, but the exterior view is the real show-stopper. There’s a huge dock, a cozy outdoor firepit and a personal patio, all overlooking the giant lake in your garden.

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Seaside Cottage

Price: $94,500

Address: 772 Hwy 1, Deep Brook, NS

Description: If awe-inspiring ocean views are your thing, this Nova Scotia home has got tons of scenery for you to enjoy. This affordable three-bedroom home looks out to the coast, and you’ll spend your life just moments from the shoreline. Now a bad backdrop, is it?

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Cute Coastal Cabin

Price: $245,000

Address: 34 Chain of Lakes Rd., Moonbeam, ON

Description: Naturally, waterfront homes are a little pricer in Ontario. That said, this adorable house has views that are totally worth the price tag. The property is going to need some work, but it's got real dream-home potential.

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Multi-Bedroom Retreat

Price: $129,900

Address: 931 Main Rd., Harcourt, NL

Description: Nestled beside the sea, this coastal cabin offers panoramic views of Smith Sound & Random Island. It’s got five bedrooms, a sizable living area, and plenty of garden space, too. Oh, and you’ll be just steps from the ocean’s edge.

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Waterfront Mini-Mansion

Price: $169,900

Address: 58 Water St., Georgetown, PEI

Description: This huge house has a whopping eight bedrooms, which means it's probably big enough for all of your friends and family. If the size and price weren't enough, it's also just moments from the water. Dreamy!

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Ocean View Drive

Price: $174,900

Address: 12 Ocean View Dr., New Haven, NS

Description: The address says it all, right? While this Nova Scotia home needs a little TLC, it’s got so much potential. Located just a stone’s throw from the ocean out back, and with a giant pool out front, it’s the perfect place for anyone who loves the water more than dry land.

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