This House For Sale In Nova Scotia Is A '50s Time Capsule & Is Full Of Vintage Charm (PHOTOS)

And it costs just $375,000!

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The exterior of the property. Right: The yellow kitchen.

The exterior of the property. Right: The yellow kitchen.

If you love all things retro — prepare to fall in love with this vintage house for sale in Canada that looks just like a 1950s time capsule.

Located in the Nova Scotia village of Musquodoboit Harbour, this 1950s-built home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious kitchen and a large dining area, as well as a bunch of original features.

Among the "beautifully maintained" hallmarks of its past are a three season porch, hardwood floors, an original fireplace and glass French doors with vintage glass knobs.

A basement is set up with laundry and water treatment facilities, and there's a very large garage outside with loads of potential, too.

The exterior of the property.The exterior of the property.Kip Walker | Royal LePage

Outside, you'll find a huge garden with loads of open space. Although the property is super private, there's good news for hockey fans, as the town's local rink is located "right through the backyard."

What really sets this home apart from the rest — apart from its surprisingly affordable price point — is the retro decor in many spaces that looks like it may not have been touched in decades.

The living area.The living area.Kip Walker | Royal LePage

While this may turn off those who love modern palettes and chic features, anybody who loves vintage charm might enjoy the bold patterned wallpaper, daring floor tiles and shag carpets.

In true 1950s style, there are flashes of exuberance in every room, with colourful pastel walls, wood panelling, and, of course, black-and-white checkered flooring in the bathroom.

The wrap-around porch.The wrap-around porch.Kip Walker | Royal LePage

The existing owners have — consciously or unconsciously — also filled this property with authentic mid-century furniture, which is becoming increasingly popular again with new homeowners and young people.

While some areas of the house might need a little work, (some of those wood panels could be ready to go, for example) the relatively affordable price point means that buyers might just have a little money leftover for renovations or upgrades.

The bathroom.The bathroom.Kip Walker | Royal LePage

Listed for $375,000, this property comes in at the fraction of the cost of an average home or condo in major cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, to name a few.

And the region is crying out for newcomers, too. Right now, Nova Scotia is looking for people from other provinces to move there, and its promising "four seasons of outdoor adventure," miles of coastline and more.

As well, Nova Scotia promises some of the more affordable real estate offerings in Canada, with the average cost of a home just $368,476 during 2021 peaks, compared to the national average of $720,854.

The yellow kitchen.The yellow kitchen.Kip Walker | Royal LePage

Nova Scotia '50s time capsule home

The bathroom. Right: The garden.

The bathroom. Right: The garden.

Kip Walker | Royal LePage

Price: $375,000

Address: 38 Highway 35, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS

Description: If you love all things retro and don't mind some extra jazzy floor tiles and pastel-coloured walls, this could be the 1950s time capsule home you've been looking for!

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