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Here's How Much Money Canada's Athletes Get Paid For Winning Medals At The Olympics

It's not as much as you probably expect! 💰

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Now that the Games are in full swing and Canadians are winning medals, you might be wondering, "how much do Olympic athletes make in Canada?"

Even though the International Olympic Committee doesn't give out prize money to medalists, countries are allowed to pay athletes for getting on the podium. In Canada, the Canadian Olympic Committee's Athlete Excellence Fund rewards Olympians for winning gold, silver and bronze medals at the Games.

In Olympic years, eligible athletes get money for each medal they win at the Games with the fund. These performance awards are the same amount regardless of whether they win in a team sport or an individual sport.

That means a gold medal gets Canadian athletes $20,000, a silver medal gets them $15,000 and a bronze medal gets them $10,000.

Team Canada athletes that will be getting paid because they got on the podium in Tokyo include swimmer Kylie Masse, weightlifter Maude Charron, divers Jennifer Abel and Mélissa Citrini-Beaulieu, judoka Jessica Klimkait and swimmer Penny Oleksiak.

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