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Tokyo Olympics Have Canadian Athletes Watching 'Schitt's Creek'

A bunch of Canadian athletes created the perfect Canadian combo at the Tokyo Olympics by watching Schitt's Creek before the opening ceremony.

Beach volleyball player Melissa Humana-Paredes, who is competing with Team Canada at the Games, posted an Instagram story of the Olympians watching an episode of the iconic sitcom at the athlete's village. "The most Canadian thing ever," she called it.

The official Schitt's Creek Instagram page reposted Humana-Paredes' story, completing it with a gif of Alexis Rose flipping her hair.

Dan Levy also saw that the Canadian athletes were watching Schitt's Creek and tweeted, "This is the best. So proud of Team Canada. Will be cheering all of you on!"

If you want to get more behind-the-scenes looks at the Games as athletes go for gold in Tokyo, there are so many Canadian Olympians sharing their journeys on TikTok and Instagram that you can follow.

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Canada’s Paralympic Athletes Get Paid $0 For Winning A Gold Medal While Olympians Get $20K

American Paralympians and Olympians now get paid exactly the same.👇

Canada's Paralympic athletes do not get paid for winning a medal at the games, the Canadian Paralympic Committee has confirmed.

In comparison, those competing for Canada at the Olympics can get $20,000 for each gold medal, $15,000 for each silver medal and $10,000 for every bronze medal.

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