Ontario Is Getting A Giant Van Gogh Exhibit Inside An Old Cereal Factory This Fall

The new attraction will transport you to another world. 🎨

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Imagine Van Gogh Exhibit

Imagine Van Gogh Exhibit

You can step into the dazzling world of Van Gogh in a totally unique way at this new exhibit coming to Ontario. Imagine Van Gogh: The Immersive Exhibition is opening in London this fall, and it's filled with magic.

The breathtaking attraction, opening October 22, will transform the old cereal factory at 100 Kellogg Lane into a glowing world of art. Visitors will be totally immersed in Van Gogh's works as they wander through massive projections.

The show consists of over 200 paintings from the last two years of the artist's life, and you can stroll along dreamy pathways and experience every brushstroke up close.

The space will be drenched in colourful imagery, and you can expect to see famous paintings like The Starry Night, Irises and Sunflowers on a grand scale. The show is set to a soundtrack to further immerse you in the surreal world.

You can live out your Emily in Paris dreams as you travel through the luminous projections which cover the walls and floor.

Imagine Van Gogh initially premiered in France and has opened in cities like Vancouver and Winnipeg. However, this will be the first time the exhibit has come to Ontario, and is separate from the Immersive Van Goghwhich opened in Toronto in 2020.

The show lasts about one hour, and you'll want to arrive 15 minutes before it begins. Tickets are already available online and can be purchased per person or as a group.

Get ready to experience Van Gogh's work in a magical new way at this exhibit coming to London.

Imagine Van Gogh: The Immersive Exhibition

Price: $44.07 + per adult

When: October 22, 2022 to January 8, 2023

Address: 100 Kellogg Ln., London, ON

Why You Need To Go: Step into a world of art at this new Van Gogh exhibit opening in an old cereal factory.


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