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Scammers Are Targeting People Immigrating To Canada & The Feds Want To Help

Your private information or money could be stolen!👇💰
Immigration Scams In Canada Are Everywhere & The Feds Are Sharing Tips To Stay Safe

The federal government is urging people to be aware of the dangers related to immigration scams in Canada.

According to officials, although there are loads of legitimate websites to check out immigration and citizenship services, others "offer false guarantees to take your money or steal your private information."

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The government says it's likely a scam if you are told to pay to get an application form, given a deal that is "too good to be true," promised a job that pays surprisingly high or given the opportunity to get your application completed faster.

To avoid the scams, the feds suggest searching if anyone has reported an issue with the website you're suspicious of, not accepting emails sent without your permission and always reading the terms and conditions before continuing.

If you do ever come across a fake website, you should report it immediately to the police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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