Canada Is Warning International Students Not To Come Because They Might Not Be Allowed In

Some students might not be allowed in.
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International Students: Canada Is Telling Some Not To Come Here For School Just Yet

Travel restrictions are to blame for this. For some international students, Canada is warning against travelling here for school because they might not be let into the country. Border service agents will be the ones to decide who can and can't enter.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has said in an update of its guidelines that some foreign nationals with study permits could possibly not be allowed into the country if they travel here.

International students who had their permit applications approved after March 18, 2020, might not be exempt from travel restrictions.

So, the government is warning them that they shouldn't make any plans to come to Canada until travel restrictions have been lifted.

They could be turned away at the border and have to go back home.

Even though lots of college and university campuses in Canada are closed, classes have mostly been continuing online.

Some schools have started moving classes to be online only for the fall semester and in Alberta, some will be doing that into 2021.

The IRCC won't decide if someone is exempt when processing their student permit application.

Applications that are submitted online are still being processed, though.

For students who try and enter the country, Canada Border Services Agency officers will either deem their travel as discretionary or non-discretionary depending on their circumstances.

Border agents will consider things like if it's necessary for the person to be in Canada to participate in their program, if they're unable to do online studies in their home country and if they're going to start their studies after they quarantine.

Final decisions will be made at ports of entry like border crossings and airports.

For international students who had their application approved on or before March 18, they might be exempt from the travel restrictions.

They have been told about public health measures in Canada and what to expect when they arrive here.

That includes the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Students were also told to check with their school to make sure that their course or program is actually still in operation.

University students in Ontario have demanded that tuition be cheaper if classes will be only offered online.

There's also a petition that's aimed at lower tuition for international students at the University of Toronto.

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