Travelling With Kids 'Will Be Challenging' Under Canada's New Travel Rules & Here's Why

Things are a bit more tricky for families.

Travelling With Kids 'Will Be Challenging' Under Canada's New Travel Rules & Here's Why

A number of international travel updates were announced in Canada on Monday, June 21. The new travel measures will make it easier for fully vaccinated Canadians to travel; however, there are currently no COVID-19 vaccines available to children under 12.

"Undoubtedly this will be challenging for families who want to travel. At this time, the research and science obviously indicate that children can get sick with COVID-19 and they can transmit COVID-19. And because vaccines are not authorized for use in children under 12, unfortunately, most children will not be vaccinated," noted Health Minister Patty Hajdu.

"And so the advice from the team of scientists and public health experts, is that to protect Canadians from contact with an imported case of COVID-19 that children under 12 do have to quarantine for the full 14 days. They can still avoid the hotel and their parents as well, they can quarantine at home," she continued.

In fact, according to the Government of Canada, all children under 18 who are unvaccinated are exempt from the hotel stay.

Unless fully vaccinated, all travellers arriving in Canada who are five years old or older need to take a COVID-19 test on day eight of their quarantine.

While some Canadians will have an easier time travelling internationally, children may continue to add an extra layer to travel planning until vaccines are available to them.

What has changed?

As of July 5, Canada will be moving into the "first phase" of the country's updated travel rules. During this phase, fully vaccinated travellers who are eligible to enter Canada will no longer need to quarantine for 14 days.

They will also be able to skip the COVID-19 test on the eighth day after their arrival as well as the mandatory hotel stay.

It was made clear in the announcement that these relaxed measures are only for fully vaccinated travellers.

Anyone who has not been fully vaccinated will need to follow current travel measures with no amendments. This includes federally mandated testing and quarantine periods.