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Hidden on a picturesque lake outside Jacksonville is a stunning tropical oasis that you can call your own. Hog Island is the largest private island in Florida that's currently for sale. One look at this incredible place and you'll be calling your BFFs to pitch in.

If you're shopping for a spectacular home or simply lusting after luxury properties, take a closer look at Hog Island. At 237 acres, this incredible spot is its own little world just waiting to be explored by its new owner.

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For many, the dream of simple living consists of minimal material possessions, a return to nature, and a decent amount of solitude. It’s this inclination for owning less and living large that draws many people to tiny home living; a tiny home for sale in Florida seems to perfectly combine all of these elements — with an added flair of creativity. This custom-built cottage is constructed to look like a grain silo and sits on 25 acres of peaceful ranch property.

Tiny homes are already super unique, but to live inside a cottage that looks like it’s over 100 years old — that was really finished in 2016 — is certainly a great conversation point. This silo-inspired house looks like it popped right out of an antique magazine but has all of your modern amenities.

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When the rush of the city becomes too much and you find yourself yearning for peace and quiet, there’s hardly a better place to escape to than a tiny home secluded on 10 whole acres of Florida woodland. There's a custom-built cottage that totals 572 square feet and is the perfect place to channel your inner Thoreau. Simple living in nature was never so comfy or stylish, and who knows what kind of creative works you’ll come up with surrounded by natural inspiration in this Florida tiny home!

A tiny home on 10 acres in Micanopy, Florida has only been on the market for a few days, with the listing price set at $239,000.

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Admit it, if you’re fan of The Lord of the Rings (or even if you aren’t), you’ve probably fantasized at some point about what it would be like to live in a hobbit home. Well, you no longer have to travel all the way to the film set in New Zealand to find out, because there’s a hobbit home right here in Florida! The Atlantic Beach Dune Home, just a thirty-minute drive from Jacksonville, is now for sale and it can all be yours.

Picturesque round doors, laundry on the line, living one with nature—the entire concept is super romantic. Plus, it has added seclusion perfect for introverts. The Dune Home consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and totals 1,632 square feet. Selling for $1,850,000, the owners used to rent it to couples and solo travelers.

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