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This 'Certifiably Haunted' Florida Jail Is For Sale & It's Absolutely Terrifying

You can also take a tour with your bravest friends. đź‘»
This 'Certifiably Haunted' Florida Jail Is For Sale & It's Absolutely Terrifying

For those looking for a spooky adventure or even a terrifying living situation, the perfect spot for you has just hit the market in Florida.

The Old Gilchrist County Jail in Trenton, Florida is the only "decommissioned, certifiably haunted" jail in the state, and it has been attracting visitors with its "heavy paranormal activity" since its closing in 1968.

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The jail's haunted history dates back to 1934 when a Gilchrist county sheriff was murdered. Over 20 years later, the killing of another country sheriff occurred in 1956.

The Old Gilchrist County Jail official website says they are still in the process of learning more about its haunted history, but you can take it upon yourself to investigate with a private tour or you can even own the building for just $140,000 and forever live the life of a paranormal investigator.

The jail features eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms and it can even be doubled as a tourist-related business opportunity if you'd rather not sleep in the haunted chambers yourself.

The Old Gilchrist County Jail

Price: $50 donation per person - $139,990 to own.

Address: 313 N.W. 2nd St., Trenton, FL, 32693

Why You Need To Go: If you are a fan of the paranormal, you may not find a better opportunity than this. There is still so much to discover about the history of this location, and you could be the one to make fantastic discoveries about its haunted history. 

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