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Jagmeet Singh Says Gurkiran Kaur Is His 'Best Friend' & He Wouldn't Be Where He Is Without Her

"I'm so lucky to have you in my life," he said to his wife.

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​Jagmeet Singh, his wife Gurkiran Kaur and their baby Anhad.

Jagmeet Singh, his wife Gurkiran Kaur and their baby Anhad.

Jagmeet Singh gave some insight into his feelings for his wife Gurkiran Kaur and said he wouldn't be where he is without her!

For his wife's birthday on April 6, Singh posted photos on social media of them both dressed up and out on the town with one shot of them smiling cheek to cheek and one of Kaur going in to kiss Singh's cheek.

"To my best friend, life partner and mother of our child, I'm so lucky to have you in my life," he said in the post.

He also called Kaur a person who is "thoughtful, compassionate and full of joy."

"You've had my back and I wouldn't be where I am without you," Singh said.

Then he went on to mention that his wife is "an incredible mom" and wished her a happy birthday.

Though, he said that it's more like a birthday month instead of just one day!

To celebrate her birthday, Kaur also posted on social media and shared photos of her cradling her daughter to her chest while they held hands.

"The most special birthday yet," she said in the post.

Singh and Kaur's baby was born on January 3, 2022, which was just a day after her day's birthday, and the first time parents named her Anhad.

Pronounced un-hud, the name means "the unstruck melody of the universe," an infinite sound and limitless.

Singh told Narcity that the second part of his baby's name, Kaur, means "one who inherits power."

"It's a title of royalty given to all Sikh women. It symbolizes her sovereignty — she is free and complete just the way she is," he said.

Despite still being a newborn, Anhad is already making waves in politics just like her dad. Singh revealed that the Liberal-NDP started after his daughter was born when Justin Trudeau called him.

He even unofficially thinks of it as "the Anhad Accord." How cute!

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