Jagmeet Singh & Gurkiran Kaur Named Their Baby & The Meaning Of It Is So Beautiful

The new mom hopes her daughter will always be reminded that she is limitless!

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Jagmeet Singh & Gurkiran Kaur Named Their Baby & The Meaning Of It Is So Beautiful

Oh, baby! Jagmeet Singh and Gurkiran Kaur have named their newborn and the meaning of it is really beautiful.

On February 3, Kaur posted a new photo of her and her baby girl to celebrate her being one month old now and revealed what they've named their little bundle of joy.

"My one month baby Anhad Kaur," she said in the caption of her Instagram post.

Kaur mentioned that she and Singh had "many long conversations" with their loved ones and then decided on the name Anhad, pronounced un-hud.

"It means the unstruck melody of the universe. An infinite sound vibrating throughout creation... More simply put, it means limitless," the new mother said.

With the name Anhad, Kaur hopes that her daughter will be always reminded that she is infinite, limitless and can achieve anything.

She also wishes that her daughter will know that her mom and dad will always support her throughout her "beautiful journey of life."

Kaur posted another photo of Anhad's curled-up hand next to a flower and said it was just to show off how cute her tiny baby hands are.

Kaur and Singh's baby was born on January 3, 2022.

"Our powerful little baby girl is basically my birthday present for life," Singh said at that time.

That's because she was born the day after his own birthday, which is January 2!

After announcing her pregnancy, Kaur told Narcity that she was due around December 29, 2021, so the baby ended up coming into the world a few days later than expected.

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