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Jagmeet Singh & Gurkiran Kaur's New Baby Just Made Her Debut On TikTok (VIDEO)

It's no surprise that parents like to show off their newborns, and Jagmeet Singh and Gurkiran Kaur are apparently no exception to the rule.

The two new parents took to TikTok on Sunday, January 16, to post their first-ever 'Tok with their exceptionally cute baby girl.

"So there’s a new human in our lives," Singh captioned the video, tagging Kaur as well.


So there’s a new human in our lives 🥰🐣🥰 @gurkirankaur_

In the short video, the couple mouths along to the audio, "Are you new here?" before the camera cuts to the baby, who responds, "Yeah."

Kaur and Singh, while wearing warm-looking flannel pullovers, then give a sassy snap before turning around and walking away.

The new mom seems to realize how over-the-top the whole situation is as she later commented, "LOL I'm so dramatic pleaseeeee."

Although this is the baby's first time on TikTok, she's already becoming a regular face on Instagram.

On Sunday, January 16, Singh posted the sweetest pic of him and the newborn sharing a snuggle.

"How I’m spending my time these days," he captioned the post.

On January 6, the couple shared their birth announcement with the world.

"@gurkirankaur_ and I want to let you know that we welcomed the newest addition to our family on January 3rd, 2022. Our powerful little baby girl is basically my birthday present for life lol. Momma bear and baby are healthy and our hearts are filled with gratitude," Singh wrote.

Earlier in 2021, Kaur shared with Narcity the cute way she surprised Singh with her pregnancy news.

When her period was a few days late, she told him about it, and although he told her not to worry about it, she had a feeling.

"But in the back of my head, it was almost like intuition. I was like, something feels different this time and I'm just gonna want to check, and he was just like, 'If you want to check, just wait for me.'"

However, she could not wait for him as he was away on business and took matters into her own hands by taking two pregnancy tests, which she surprised him with when he finally came home.

After initially being confused by the first test, the result of the second test is when it hit him.

"So he read the second one and he just like looks at me, he's like, 'Really?' and it was just like, he was so shocked."

"I was like, open the third one, and the third one was obviously not done yet, and I was just like, you know, 'You did say that you wanted to do one together, so we'll go do it together,' And, yeah, and that's how I told him, it was actually pretty cute."

So cute!

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