Jagmeet Singh & Gurkiran Kaur Are Expecting Baby No. 2 & The Announcement Was So Cute

"We couldn’t be happier to welcome baby #2"

Jagmeet Singh and Gurkiran Kaur with their daughter.

Jagmeet Singh and Gurkiran Kaur with their daughter.

Jagmeet Singh and Gurkiran Kaur are expecting their second child.

In a tweet on Thursday, the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) and his wife, Kaur, announced that their family of three will be growing into a family of four.

"@Gurkirankaur_ and I would like to officially announce that Anhad just got the biggest promotion of her life… she's going to be a big sister!! We couldn't be happier to welcome baby #2," reads Singh's tweet.

Kaur gave birth to their first child, Anhad, on January 3, 2022, so the adorable toddler will be welcoming her sibling into the world shortly after her own arrival.

Kaur posted an announcement to her Instagram with the caption, "anhad is going to be a BIG SISTER
we are so excited for baby # 2, can’t wait for our little family to grow."

In a comment on the post Kaur added, "ok but also… 2 kids …. send help" and included an upside down smiling emoji.

The happy couple hasn't announced how far along Kaur is in her pregnancy, but she is sporting a baby bump in their announcement photo, so who knows how long the couple may have waited to go public with their announcement.

Kaur spoke with Narcity back in 2021 when she was pregnant with Anhad and touched on the topic of possibly having more children.

"I'm going to see how this goes. I'm one hundred percent open to it. I remember growing up being like, 'I would love to have four kids.' Probably not going to happen," she told Narcity.

"After this first one, I definitely think I will try for a second, but that's the thing — I always just feel like the universe will give you what you're meant to have. So if it's one, I'm super content with that, and if we get lucky to have a second one then we'll totally try for that too."

It looks like the universe aligned for Kaur and Singh to have another child, and who knows, maybe that childhood dream of four kids could become a reality.

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.