Jagmeet Singh & Gurkiran Kaur Brought Their Baby To Joe Biden's Speech & She Was Such A Mood

She ended up falling asleep in her mom's arms! 😴

​Jagmeet Singh sitting beside Gurkiran Kaur and holding his daughter. Right: Jagmeet Singh shaking hands with Joe Biden.
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Jagmeet Singh sitting beside Gurkiran Kaur and holding his daughter. Right: Jagmeet Singh shaking hands with Joe Biden.

Jagmeet Singh and Gurkiran Kaur brought their daughter to the House of Commons for Joe Biden's visit and she was so relatable.

After the U.S. president's first official visit to Canada, Kaur shared photos on Instagram of her, Singh and their one-year-old daughter Anhad during and after his speech.

One of the photos shows Singh and Kaur with other NDP MPs in their House of Commons seats after Biden's speech and Anhad is out cold, sleeping in her mom's arms.

Kaur posted another photo of their little family unit with their daughter sitting in Singh's lap while the president can be seen behind them at the podium.

Anhad is also holding somebody's smartphone in that snap like she has no interest in Biden or what he's saying!

Just a day after Biden's speech in the House of Commons, Singh posted a photo on Instagram of him standing beside other Canadian politicians and shaking hands with Biden.

He called it a "pleasure" to meet the president and shared how his politicos are connected to Biden's.

"Your administration has worked to create good union jobs and gone after big corporations to lower costs for workers," Singh said. "New Democrats will continue to push for similar investments to help working people."

Towards the end of March, the U.S. president made his first visit to Canada since being elected.

Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau hosted the Bidens at Rideau Cottage when they first arrived in Ottawa and shared some awkward photos with their family.

During the president's speech in the House of Commons, Biden called out MPs for not standing up when he gave props to Canada and the U.S. for gender equality.

He also made a dig at the Toronto Maple Leafs and the reason why he doesn't like the Canadian NHL team has to do with his wife.

After the visit to the House of Commons, Biden then had an official dinner with Trudeau that featured a Canadian-themed menu and people weren't impressed by the foods that were served.

This isn't the first time that Singh and Kaur's daughter Anhad has made an appearance in the House of Commons.

Back in 2022, Singh brought their baby to work with him when she was just five months old and he held her in his arms while he spoke during the question period!

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