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Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu Reveals How Her Pregnancy Has Been Going & If She Wants More Kids

Sidhu says she wants to normalize conversations around the first trimester and miscarriages.

Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu Reveals How Her Pregnancy Has Been Going & If She Wants More Kids

Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu announced her pregnancy on August 12 with her husband NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, and she told Narcity about her pregnancy so far and what she thinks about having more children in the future.

Sidhu, a 31-year-old entrepreneur and fashion designer, spoke about the challenges of her first trimester of pregnancy, from nausea to keeping it a secret and normalizing conversations around miscarriage.

Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu Reveals How Her Pregnancy Has Been Going & If She Wants More Kids

Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu on the first three months of pregnancy

"One thing I realized is that the first three months, a lot of doctors and a lot of people around you will say 'anything can happen. You don't really want to go tell everybody that your pregnant yet just because anything could happen,'" she told Narcity.

"And I feel like we need to normalize that it's okay. Whatever happens in the first three months of your pregnancy is also part of life. It's also natural, and it's something that we don't really talk about as much either."

"I felt like in the first three months I felt super nauseous, and I wanted everyone to understand why I was feeling a certain way, and you don't really get to talk about it."

"Of course, my sister knew, but maybe not all of my friends, and you just want to have a conversation around that first three months of your pregnancy. I just remember thinking like, 'oh man, this sucks.' I want to tell everybody. I want everyone to understand that it's not as fun as it might seem for the first few months."

"But then I felt like being in the public eye eventually, I was going to have a belly, and so it was probably best that we told people as soon as we could."

"So I think we made the announcement in August, and now I'm at the tail end of my second trimester. So the end of September will be the end of my second trimester, and so luckily, I have the last three months to just relax at home afterwards."

Are you interested in having more children in the future?

"Let me let this one out first, and let me see how I feel and how my body goes and feels after this!"

"Honestly, I'm in awe of what a woman's body can do. It is crazy to me how much we have the ability to adapt — the ability is superhuman almost, you're literally giving birth — and I'm not going to take that for granted."

"I'm going to see how this goes. I'm one hundred percent open to it. I remember growing up being like 'I would love to have four kids.' Probably not going to happen."

"After this first one, I definitely think I will try for a second, but that's the thing — I always just feel like the universe will give you what you're meant to have. So if it's one, I'm super content with that, and if we get lucky to have a second one then we'll totally try for that too."

"That's kind of our motto, 'never take anything for granted.' One step at a time, you know, even just goes back to when you talk about the first trimester it's just like so normal to have miscarriages, and it's such a taboo and not a normalized conversation to have but just knowing that everything is naturally and organically going to happen however it happens. We're content, we're super excited to be having a baby, and so, if we're fortunate to have another one, we'll try again."

Do you think it's important for people to normalize and discuss those first three months more?

"One hundred per cent. I wish I was able to talk about it more in my earlier stages. It was just chosen, kind of, by friends, family, doctors being like 'you can, of course, no one's saying you can't, just if you feel safe.'"

"On a mental level, it's for your own mental health. Because you're getting peoples hopes up, your family's hopes up, the excitement of it, but then it's that draining part like anything could happen, and I feel like Jagmeet and I, mentally, are like 'okay we're going to be we're okay however it works out for us, whatever the universe decides, we're okay.'"

"But when you involve your family, your friends and everyone's really excited... so I think it's more of a mental health thing. But I one hundred percent think this is something we should talk about more often because it's totally normal, totally happens, it's just a part of life, and I feel like that is something I definitely want to start highlighting more."

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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