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Jagmeet Singh Told Us What Text Messages He's Gotten Since Putting Out His Phone Number

Ask and you shall receive! Jagmeet Singh put out his phone number so he could keep in touch with Canadians and Narcity chatted with him to find out what people have been texting him since he dropped his digits on social media.

He asked for recommendations on things he should check out and vegetarian restaurants he should visit while on the campaign trail. It turns out that people sent him that and even more!

"We got so many cool recommendations," Singh told Narcity. "We got lots of messages of support which are really inspiring and keep me going."

Also, people have texted him about hiking trails that he should check out in the places he visits across the country which he said he appreciates. Then, of course, there's food.

"Restaurants are coming in, flooding in," Singh said. "Folks have all sorts of recommendations around their restaurants of choice"

One of the most common texts he's gotten so far has actually been people asking him to bring his campaign to where they live like Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and places in the Prairies.

"People are really pushing me to come out to their communities which is really cute," Singh said.

If you want to be texting buddies with the NDP leader, his digits are 613-801-8210.

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