Gurkiran Kaur's TikTok Is A Highlight Reel Of Her Baby's First Year & She Has 'So Many Emotions'

Time flies!

​Gurkiran Kaur holding her baby and dancing at a party. Right: ​Gurkiran Kaur's baby Anhad playing in the snow.
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Gurkiran Kaur holding her baby and dancing at a party. Right: Gurkiran Kaur's baby Anhad playing in the snow.

Gurkiran Kaur shared a highlight reel of what happened during the first year of her baby's life and she said there are "so many emotions."

On January 5, 2023, just a few days after her baby's first birthday, Kaur posted a TikTok video showing moments from throughout her daughter's first year to celebrate the little one.

"So many emotions in this 20-second snippet of Anhad's one whole year of life," she said in the video's caption.

The TikTok clip includes clips of Kaur and Singh bringing their newborn baby over to someone's house, Anhad sitting in a baby chair with a bucket hat and heart-shaped sunglasses on, Kaur rocking Anhad to sleep and Anhad playing with a potted plant.

Also, there are snippets of Anhad after a bath, Kaur reading a book to Anhad, the first-time mother dancing with her baby at a party and Anhad playing in the snow during B.C.'s snowstorm at the end of 2022.


so many emotions in this 20 second snippet of anhads one whole year of life 🥹 with @theJagmeetSingh

Kaur's post is in celebration of the first birthday of her baby who was born on January 3, 2022, which was just a day after her partner Jagmeet Singh's birthday.

Then, a month after the birth, she revealed that they named their baby Anhad.

"It means the unstruck melody of the universe. An infinite sound vibrating throughout creation... More simply put, it means limitless," she shared.

Singh later told Narcity that the second part of Anhad's name, Kaur, means "one who inherits power."

"It's a title of royalty given to all Sikh women. It symbolizes her sovereignty — she is free and complete just the way she is," he said.

In the months following the birth of their first child, the new parents absolutely gushed about each other and all they do for their daughter.

Singh shared that his wife is "an incredible mother, a ray of light from the universe" who nurtures Anhad "with all the love and support she will ever need."

Then, Kaur opened up about what Singh is like as a father, including how he changed all of their baby's diapers in the first few weeks and still takes on nighttime duties so she can rest!

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