Gurkiran Kaur Found A Photo Of Jagmeet Singh When He Was Young & He Looks Just Like Their Baby

She said that he's "the best father" to their little girl!

​Jagmeet Singh holding his baby. Right: Gurkiran Kaur, Jagmeet Singh and their baby Anhad at a skating rink.
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Jagmeet Singh holding his baby. Right: Gurkiran Kaur, Jagmeet Singh and their baby Anhad at a skating rink.

Gurkiran Kaur found an old photo of Jagmeet Singh from back when he was young and he looks so much like their baby!

To mark his birthday on January 2, 2023, Singh posted on Instagram and shared a snap of a birthday decoration with a photo of himself as a baby.

"It's another trip around the sun and I'm filled with so much gratitude," he said in the post's caption. "Me and my momma bear, about the same age my little Anhad is."

In the photo, Singh is sitting on the floor in just a shirt and diaper next to his mom and they're both making the same pouty face.

He gave a shout-out to Kaur for finding the photo that's from more than 40 years ago.

While Singh noted that he was the same age as his daughter Anhad in the photo, his wife took the comparison a step further.

Kaur commented on the Instagram post and said, "This looks a lot like anihadiiiiiii."

Kaur also posted a photo on Instagram to celebrate Singh's birthday and opened up about what he's like as a father and husband.

"Happy birthday to the love of my life and the best father to our precious Anhad," she said in the caption. "Thank you for being such an amazing husband, and for constantly showing your love and kindness."

"I am forever grateful for you," Kaur said.

Singh and Kaur's baby was born on January 3, 2022 — just a day after her dad's birthday which led the first-time father to call her his "birthday present for life."

One month later, Kaur shared that they named their baby Anhad, pronounced un-hud, after "many long conversations" with their loved ones.

"It means the unstruck melody of the universe. An infinite sound vibrating throughout creation... More simply put, it means limitless," she said.

Singh told Narcity that Kaur, the second part of Anhad's name, means "one who inherits power."

"It's a title of royalty given to all Sikh women. It symbolizes her sovereignty — she is free and complete just the way she is," he said.

Recently, Singh shared that his baby is his happiness and "having a kid is the universe giving you the honour of doing seva."

He explained that seva is the act of "selfless service" and "a special chance to care for someone."

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