Jagmeet Singh Explained The Meaning Behind His Baby's Name & How It Inspired Him

Baby Anhad has already had an effect on her dad's career! ✨

​Jagmeet Singh holding his baby Anhad.
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Jagmeet Singh holding his baby Anhad.

Jagmeet Singh has opened up about the meaning behind his baby's name and how it inspired a big moment in his life!

In a video posted to Instagram on April 27, Singh revealed that his daughter Anhad Kaur played a big role in his politics and it has to do with both her birth and the meaning of her name.

"We named our daughter Anhad and her name means limitless and we hoped every time she said her name, every time she heard the name, she would really believe that she's limitless and we know that for young women it's particularly challenging," Singh said.

The vision behind the Liberal-NDP deal that he made with Justin Trudeau was to make sure people can live a limitless life, inspired by his daughter and her name.

"People should be able to live limitlessly because that's what I want for my daughter," Singh said. "And, in fact, I think that's what we should want for all children."

"So we look at this deal as something when she gets older I want to tell her that she was a big part of making it happen, a deal that we call internally the Anhad Accord, the Limitless Accord," Singh said.

Back when the Liberal-NDP deal was announced in March, Singh explained that the agreement between the two political parties also happened because of the birth of his daughter.

"So, it started off right after the 2021 election. There was some conversation, it kind of fizzled out and then what started it again actually is really cute, [it] was the birth of my daughter," he said.

Singh and Gurkiran Kaur's baby was born on January 3, 2022, and when Trudeau called him then it opened the door to having more conversations.

"In a lot of ways, this accord happened because of my daughter Anhad," he said.

Singh also told Narcity that the second part of his daughter's name, Kaur, means "one who inherits power."

"It's a title of royalty given to all Sikh women. It symbolizes her sovereignty — she is free and complete just the way she is," he said.

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