This TikToker Caught SkyTrain Workers Dealing With The Snow In A 'Very Canadian' Way

"Canadian problems require Canadian solutions."

​TransLink workers.
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TransLink workers.

A Vancouver TikToker shared a little behind-the-scenes of what happens when a SkyTrain door is frozen and it could possibly be one of the most Canadian things ever.

The video was posted to the social media platform on December 20 and it shows a few TransLink workers using actual hockey sticks to shut the train's frozen doors.

Although the TikTok video has only been up for a short 21 hours, it has already gained over 3.9 million views.

"When the trains are delayed 30 mins and when it shows up the doors are frozen open and the only way to close them are banging them with hockey sticks," the TikToker said.

"Only in Canada," they added.


I waited 35 mins for my train went home after seeing this lmao @translink @skytrainreviews #translink #snowstorm #transit #canada #vancouverbc #transitbc #hockeysticks

People on TikTok were quick to comment just how Canadian the whole situation was.

"Canadian problems require Canadian solutions," one person commented.

"This is so very Canadian," another person said.

While others just had some more creative ideas on how it could have been even more relatable to the country.

"Should've asked someone eating a poutine to throw in some hot gravy sauce, to make it even more Canadian," one person commented.

While this may seem like a one-off way to handle frozen doors, it's actually one of TransLink's go to solutions.

According to a blog post, the transportation company uses "hockey sticks to clear snow and ice build-up from the SkyTrain doors."

"Everybody likes to kid around and laugh at us with our hockey sticks, but it’s super effective," Art Wittich, a vehicle technologist with SkyTrain mentioned in the blog post.

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