Jagmeet Singh Shared A Video Of Him Playing Hand Drums With His Baby & She Got So Into It

A little father-daughter bonding time!

​Jagmeet Singh sitting with his baby Anhad and playing hand drums.
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Jagmeet Singh sitting with his baby Anhad and playing hand drums.

Jagmeet Singh gave a glimpse into his home life and shared a video of him playing the hand drums with his baby girl!

On August 5, Singh posted a video on Instagram that showed him sitting cross-legged on the floor with his daughter Anhad in his lap as he beat out a rhythm on a tabla which is a pair of hand drums.

"Just a little throwback father-daughter music session," he said in the caption of his post.

While Singh played tabla, Anhad slouched forward and put her head closer to the drums before he gently lifted her back up again.

Then, she smacked her hand against one of the drums and even got into Singh's playing, wiggling along to her dad's music.

"I'm a very beginner-level tabla (hand drums) player but I love music and want to share that love with my daughter," Singh said on Instagram.

He shouted out his wife Gurkiran Kaur for her video skills that captured the adorable father-daughter moment.

Singh also gave a "special mention to her cute chuckle" that can be heard throughout the video.

Singh has often posted about his daughter and he recently shared that the future he wants for her is "a limitless life" where she doesn't have to worry about finding housing, affording food or dealing with climate change.

Also, Kaur revealed what Singh is like as a father including how he changed all of Anhad's diapers when she was first born and still takes on the night duties so his wife can rest.

It hasn't always been smooth sailing for the new father though and Kaur once pointed out a mistake he made in a post about his family.

Back in July, he posted a photo on Instagram of him, his wife and his baby during a trip to Yukon and said, "I'll be back."

Kaur commented to correct her husband and said, "we'll be back **," but added a heart emoji to show her love.

Singh and Kaur's baby was born on January 3, 2022. Her name Anhad means "infinite" and "unstruck melody of the universe."

The second part of her name, Kaur, means "one who inherits power" which is "a title of royalty given to all Sikh women" to symbolize sovereignty!

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