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Jagmeet Singh Gave His Brother Major TikTok Props In A Heartwarming Birthday Post

"I wouldn't be where I am without you brother," Singh said.

Such brotherly love! Jagmeet Singh's brother got a special shoutout for his birthday from the NDP leader and it included a major TikTok admission.

On Instagram, Singh shared photos of him and his brother Gurratan Singh to celebrate, and called his younger brother his "mentor and best friend."

Singh even officially admitted in the post that his brother — an NDP MPP in Ontario — is better at TikTok than he is.

"You know this, but I feel like the world should know, I wouldn't be where I am without you brother. You are one of the most driven, passionate and caring people I know," he said. "And I will officially admit it, you're also better at Tik Tok than me."

Singh has shared in the past that the pair have a special relationship because he took on a parental role in his brother's life, and he mentioned again in the birthday post that he raised his younger sibling like a "surrogate father."