Jagmeet Singh Made A TikTok With His Brother To Show That They're Not The Same Person

He did it for anyone who might need "concrete evidence."

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Jagmeet Singh Made A TikTok With His Brother To Show That They're Not The Same Person

It's a family affair! Jagmeet Singh shared a TikTok with his brother Gurratan Singh to truly show people that they're not the same person but it then reveals that they do share common goals.

At the end of November, he posted the video of him and his brother, who's an Ontario MPP with the NDP, "vibing" together.

The TikTok starts with Jagmeet head-on, smiling and nodding along to a song. "Just wanted to clear the record, for all those who may need some concrete evidence," the caption over the video reads.


Just wanted to set the record straight @gurratan #vibing

Then the perspective shifts to the side to reveal that Jagmeet is sitting beside his brother Gurratan and they both start nodding their heads along with the music.

"This is my brother," the caption says. "We're not the same person but we're both committed to making life better for you and your family."

Making videos together isn't a new thing for the siblings as they've been doing it for quite some time now on TikTok and Instagram.

Earlier this year, Jagmeet called his younger brother his "mentor and best friend" in a birthday post and then admitted that Gurratan is better at TikTok than he is.

They've also revealed a lot about their close-knit relationship on social media over the years, including a post from Jagmeet that said he couldn't decide if he was an uncle or a grandpa after Gurratan's child was born.

That's because Jagmeet took on a parental role with his sibling while growing up. Gurratan said in an Instagram post he was like a brother and a father to him!

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