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You can catch a glimpse of Jagmeet Singh's hair down and out of a turban in a TikTok he shared to show how he does his top knot.

He posted a tutorial for a Sikh Warrior Knot that "long hair warriors of all genders" can do.

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thejagmeetsingh | TikTok

He said this is a tradition passed down from parent to child that he learned from his mom and it's a way to tie up hair without scrunchies or hair ties.

First, he throws his hair forwards, gathers it and then twists it before he knots it on the top of his head. 

Singh has shown off his luscious locks before on TikTok when doing the flip the switch challenge with his wife and a duet video to show the significance of long hair in Sikh and Indigenous traditions.

You might've seen the hilariously spot-on Justin Trudeau impressions on TikTok by user Stephen Kalyn. Now, the two guys have finally met — and it turns out that the PM has seen the videos!

At one of Trudeau's campaign stops, the pair got to talk about the impersonations Kalyn has done and the prime minister even had a compliment for his lookalike. "Great hair," Trudeau said, to which Kalyn responded that "it's like looking in a mirror."

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TikTok is hiring a bunch of positions in Toronto right now and you don't have to be a full-fledged expert to apply.

The social media giant is currently looking to add several members to its team, including a couple of lucrative intern positions which don't require industry experience.

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The Crown star Josh O'Connor appeared to be more than a little confused after being asked to do a TikTok video during an interview at TIFF.

The British actor, who is best known for portraying a young Prince Charles, hilariously dodged a request to appear on the video-sharing platform after revealing he had no idea what it was.

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Toronto's ICE Condos Replies To Viral TikTok That Shows Hectic Living Conditions (VIDEO)

The videos show gunshots, weekend fire alarms, broken down elevators and more.

ICE Condominiums, home to many Toronto residents and scandals, is back in the news once again.

Former resident Kylene Loucks posted part one of her living-in-ICE-Condos TikTok series on July 18, alleging issues such as habitual weekend fire alarms, broken down trash shutes, stray bullets fired in units and the lobby, and out of order elevators. All while paying $2,600 a month in rent.

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