Jagmeet Singh Is Back On TikTok & Taking Aim At Justin Trudeau's 'All Talk' Government

"It gets meaner and meaner each time, baby."

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Jagmeet Singh Is Back On TikTok & Taking Aim At Justin Trudeau's 'All Talk' Government

He's back and he's not pulling any punches! Jagmeet Singh's latest TikTok has him taking aim at Justin Trudeau's government for being "all talk no action."

After the throne speech on November 23 where the federal government outlined its plans including one for making housing more affordable, Singh took to TikTok and posted a video of him lipsynching to "Number One Spot" by Ludacris.


It’s gets meaner and meaner each time #ludacris

The first shot is of Singh sitting at a desk with overlayed text that reads, "Hoping to bring in Pharmacare, dental care and real steps to tackle the housing crisis."

He's happily nodding along to the song and mouths the lyrics, "Yeah, baby! Yeah."

However, that happiness faded in the next shot where the NDP leader is walking into a room with a caption that reads, "The Justin Trudeau government's all talk no action approach."

"Back again," Singh lipsynchs then. "It gets meaner and meaner each time, baby."

While he posts about politics and critiques of the prime minister on TikTok quite often, Singh also gets pretty personal and shares a lot of videos about his home life, his wife and his family.

He has videos of how he does his top knot, his cooking skills and how to pronounce his name. He's also taken part in quite a few TikTok trends including the flip the switch challenge and skateboarding to "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac.

Even though he posts a lot of videos, Singh has admitted that his brother is better at TikTok than he is. How humble!

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