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Jagmeet Singh Is Back On TikTok Telling People How To Correctly Pronounce His Name

"You deserve to have your name said right," he said.

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Jagmeet Singh's TikTok Tells People How To Pronounce His Name

In Jagmeet Singh's TikTok, he wanted to "set something straight for once and for all" and he told everyone how to pronounce his name correctly because he believes in defending your own name.

He said that when your name is mispronounced it feels like losing a little bit of yourself but when it's said right it's beautiful.

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I just had to set the record straight, my name is pronounced jug-MEET

Singh said that his name is pronounced "jug-MEET" and it means "friend to the world" so when he hears it said correctly, it reminds him of tradition and language and it sounds beautiful to him.

Also, he mentioned in the TikTok video that he doesn't want to hear the excuse that a name is spelled a certain way so that must be how it's pronounced, using the name Michael as an example.

"Defend your name, stand up for your name. You deserve to have your name said right," Singh said.

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