Oh, baby! Jagmeet Singh's brother welcomed a new life into the world and it's actually led to some confusion for the NDP leader. He said he might be an uncle or he might be a grandpa.

There's a new member of the Singh family and congratulations are in order.

Jagmeet's younger brother Gurratan posted on social media about the birth of his daughter and shared a photo from the hospital.

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"Through the will of the universal energy that connects us all, Satvir and I have welcomed a new force into this world," he said.

A few days after the announcement, Jagmeet took to Twitter to congratulate his brother and sister-in-law.

He also shared that this has caused some confusion and indecision for him.

"I can't decide if I'm an uncle or a grandpa but you're going to be an awesome poppa bear lil brother," he said.

Jagmeet said that everyone knows his sister-in-law will raise a daughter that's as fierce and as strong as she is.

Since just one congratulation wasn't enough, the NDP leader also had shared a loving message for his brother, sister-in-law and their new baby on Instagram.

"Lots of love and a warm welcome to a new force into this world," he commented on Gurratan's post.

You might be wondering how Jagmeet could be confused about whether he's an uncle or a grandpa with the birth of his brother's baby.

It's actually pretty simple though as Jagmeet has taken on a more parental role in their lives.

For National Siblings Day in April, Gurratan posted a touching tribute to Jagmeet on social media.

"We've come a long way from the tough days when we were young - when you had to be both my brother & my father," he said.

For Gurratan's birthday this year, Jagmeet had a sweet message for his brother.

"I took care of him growing up, but never imagined that when we grew up he would end up taking care of me," he said.

The love runs deep between the two siblings whether they're posting about each other on social media or making TikTok videos together.

Gurratan also stood up for his older brother when he was kicked out of the House of Commons for calling another MP racist.