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Jagmeet Singh's Turban Is Green For St. Patrick's Day

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh's turban is a fitting shade of green and he's showing it off.

Singh shared a photo of himself rocking the colour he doesn't wear often these days as a salute to the Emerald Isle.

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"Before you ask the question — Yes, I do have a turban colour for every occasion," he said on Instagram.

He then wished everyone a happy St. Patrick's Day, adding a shamrock emoji and an emoji of a man wearing a turban.

It's no surprise that Singh has turbans in a lot of different colours — his wife, Gurkiran Kaur, once revealed that she sometimes chooses them for him to match her outfits.

Jagmeet Singh Reacted To The Calgary Turban Rescue & Said He Is 'So Thankful'

He described the meaning of turbans in the Sikh faith.

On Friday, October 30, two teen girls fell through a frozen pond in Calgary and were saved by a group of local men who unravelled their turbans to make a rope. 

The Calgary turban rescue has caught the attention of the NDP party leader, Jagmeet Singh, who has spoken out about it on Twitter

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