If you’ve been trying to think of a popular baby name in Canada that could help make your child rich, look no further!

New research from ManySpins has found that names like Domenic, Raj, Sunny and Fiona have pretty high earning potential, with those at the top of the list earning over $60,000.

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ManySpins | Handout

“To investigate the potential value, [we] combined the 1,000 highest earning Canadian names and the 1,000 most popular Canadian names, to identify the top 20 names that will earn the most,” the company told Narcity.

They discovered that for boys, names like Domenic, Raj, Geoffrey, Nigel and Jeffrey had the highest earning potential. At the top end of that list, the average salary was over $60,000.

For girls, names like Sunny, Fiona, Jayne, Ping and Marta topped the list. The most common salary for Canadians with those names was over $50,000.