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Justin Bieber Is The Last Canadian Celebrity That People Say They'd Share A Suitcase With

But it's no surprise that a true Canadian heartthrob topped the list.

Justin Bieber Is The Last Canadian Celebrity That People Say They'd Share A Suitcase With

It seems that while he's a megastar, Justin Bieber isn't the ideal travel companion for a lot of Canadians.

A survey by luggage company Samsonite Canada asked people which Canuck celeb they'd most like to share a suitcase with while on vacation and Bieber came in last place, with only 7.4% of respondents saying they'd share one with him.

On the other end of the spectrum, Ryan Reynolds got the most love, with 27.7% of respondents choosing him, followed by Celine Dion with 18.3%, Rachel McAdams with 18.1%, Drake with 10.2% and Catherine O'Hara with 9.6%.

When asked which Canadian celebrity's luggage they would like to snoop through the most, 27.4% of Canadians said Pamela Anderson's, 23.4% said Keanu Reeves and 18.9% said Ryan Gosling. Only 5% of people said that they'd want to look through the Weeknd's stuff.

In June, Canadians were asked which Canadian celeb they'd most like to wake up next to in a tent and more people said Justin Trudeau than Justin Bieber. Ouch?

Bad news ahead, Canada! Ryan Reynolds just announced that he'll be taking "a little sabbatical from movie making" and it's not clear how long for.

On Saturday, October 16, the Vancouver-born Hollywood star posted on his Instagram about the break, and of course, his wife Blake Lively immediately roasted him, commenting that "Michael Caine did it first."

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