Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Shared An Adorable Throwback Photo Of Her & Justin Trudeau

The pair just celebrated their 16th anniversary!

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 Justin Trudeau & Sophie Grégoire Are So Young In This Throwback Photo

There's a new throwback snap of Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau from back in the day and the couple look so young.

For their 16th wedding anniversary on May 28, Grégoire Trudeau shared a shot of her and her "beloved" husband snuggling up together on a boat.

"What an adventure it has been," Grégoire Trudeau said of their 18 years together. "We have loved each other through it all and that love knows no limits."

Trudeau also commemorated their wedding anniversary on Instagram, though his post was a much more recent photo of the two of them sharing a kiss in Lake Louise with picturesque mountains behind them.

"With you by my side, every day is an adventure," he wrote to his wife.

Justin Trudeau & Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's Love Story

The couple officially met in 2003 but their history together actually goes back even further than that.

They briefly knew each other as children because Sophie was classmates with one of Justin's brothers.

When they were reintroduced in 2003, they hit it off but Justin ignored Sophie's email a few days later when she said it was a pleasure to meet him. Later in the year, they ran into each other again and went on their first date shortly after.

Trudeau proposed in October 2004 and they got married on May 28, 2005. Their three kids were born in 2007, 2009 and 2014.

Through the years, they've shared their love on social media with swoon-worthy Instagram posts about each other, throwback photos and amazing insights into their relationship.