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Trudeau Just Gushed Over Millennials For 10 Whole Minutes & He Gave So Many Compliments

"You never needed a piece of paper to call out injustice."
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Trudeau Just Gushed Over Millennials For 10 Whole Minutes & He Gave So Many Compliments

Speaking at a virtual graduation ceremony this week, the prime minister had some kind words for Canada’s young people. His statement acknowledged the hardships of recent weeks, while gushing over millennials' "courage.” Justin Trudeau's commencement speech also paid homage to a "smart, skilled, creative and ambitious” generation.

On Wednesday June 10, the PM spoke to Canada’s graduates, rather than making his usual COVID-19 address. 

After congratulating the class of 2020 on their graduation, Trudeau acknowledged, “Let’s be real. This day is nothing like you imagined it to be.”

“The world is a much different place than anyone could have predicted, even a year ago. It’s tough,” he said.

The PM went on to discuss all of the things that have happened so far this year, acknowledging that recent events have forced graduates to “make unprecedented sacrifices” and “totally rethink the coming months.”

However, despite the hardships, Trudeau was full of admiration and compliments for Canada’s millennials.

"Your generation has acutely sensed what is wrong with the world and what needed to be fixed," he said.

He commended the “courage” needed to march for climate change, the Me Too movement, the Black Lives Matter movement and “the freedom to love whom you love, and to be who you are.”

“You never needed a piece of paper to call out injustice,” he continued. “You didn’t wait for this day to demand change, to create change.”

The prime minister went on to compare today’s graduates to the “class of 1939,” a generation who “came out of the Depression to fight a world war they did not start.”

“In the face of unprecedented destruction, they chose to rebuild the world, by rolling up their sleeves and pulling together," he said.

He went on to acknowledge that many young Canadians haven’t hugged a friend, “let alone had a date” in months.

Despite a difficult few months, he noted that young people are "smart, skilled, creative and ambitious … and you’re Canadian."

"I cannot think of a generation better prepared to set us on the right path forward," he said.

“You will be the 21st century’s greatest generation,” Trudeau concluded.

With no speaking moistly moment, and no annoying bugs, it seems Trudeau's commencement speech went down pretty well!

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