The Youngest Trudeau Kid Lost A Tooth & He Looks So Much Like The PM As A Child (PHOTOS)

The resemblance is uncanny!
Justin Trudeau's Kid Lost A Tooth & Looks So Much Like His Dad
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Hadrien, one of Justin Trudeau's kids, lost a tooth and he looks so strikingly similar to his dad when he was a kid.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau shared a photo on Instagram of a grinning Hadrien with gaps in his smile and holding his newly missing tooth.

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"This is the face of surprise and joy when a 7-year-old knows the tooth fairy might visit," Grégoire Trudeau said.

Hadrien's toothy grin looks a lot like Trudeau's smile from his school days when so many of his teeth were missing that he posted on Instagram.

Trudeau's not the only Canadian celebrity with adorably awkward childhood photos but this one is in the running for the most hilarious.

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