The temperature is warming up and that means you need to be spending some serious time down by the water. If public beaches aren’t your style then we have the perfect alternative for you. There's a massive BC home for sale right now and it has its own private dock just for you. Now all you need is a boat, or a floaty, your call. 

Kalamalka Lake in B.C. has some of the most turquoise water ever. 

In the summer months, the colour of this lake turns so bluish-green that it’s almost hard to believe it’s real. 

The lake itself is massive and is home to some of the most impressive mansions your mind can dream up. 

One of the homes for sale on the lake right now is a massive four-bedroom, four-bathroom house. 

For  $4,935,000, this spot could be yours. 

It may not be the most affordable house on the market, but once you see where it’s located it’s easy to see why it’s priced so high. 

The house itself is impressive, to say the least. Coming in at 5,974 square feet, there's more than enough space for you, your family, and your friends. 

The renovated house has over $1,000,000 in improvements including a converted boathouse that's now a massive yoga studio. 

Maria Besso | RE/MAX

This house is literally the perfect spot for entertaining. The kitchen is stunning and with the ideal kitchen island to gather around. 

With the open-concept living and dining area, you'll be able to see everyone at all times which is exactly what you want when you’re cooking a fabulous dinner.

Maria Besso | RE/MAX

The bedrooms are also huge and sport big, bright windows which means you'll get views of the turquoise lake everywhere. 

Maria Besso | RE/MAX

Of course, the backyard is huge which is so on-brand for this entire estate. 

But the main attraction is the private dock. Since this home is literally right on the water, you'll have a massive dock all to yourself.

Whether you want to jump off of it to go for a swim or want to use it as a place to store your many water toys, it’s all yours and no one else can access it.

There’s even a diving board because space is just that big. 

Maria Besso | RE/MAX

There may not be any sand or rocks on your beachfront property but with a dock, you have your very own tanning spot right on the water. 

We know what you're thinking and no, this house isn’t too good to be true. 

Now all you have to do is win the lottery and it can be yours. 

12912 Kinloch Drive

Price: $4,935,000

Address: 12912 Kinloch Dr., Coldstream, BC

Description: Public beaches and swimming pools are overrated. Practice your diving skills from the comfort of your own private dock. 

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