An animal rehab centre just got two new, equally adorable critters to take care of. The BC Wildlife Park beavers arrived after being found wandering in the Okanagan. They'll stay in rehab until they grow old enough to be released into the wild, but they're living like royalty for now.

The baby beavers, named Alder and Willow, arrived at the park's specialized hospital for injured and orphaned wild animals five and three weeks ago. They were really young when they first got there, and needed "around the clock care and bottle feeding," according to the park's Instagram.

They wrote that Alder is growing well and can even eat solid foods on his own now, but Willow still needs some help with the solids.

Alder arrived first after being found walking along a busy road in Vernon. Willow came next, after being discovered alone under a bridge near Kelowna. The park's rehab team isn't sure how the two got orphaned, "but it is thought that the high waters could have separated them from the rest of their family."

The two beavers will be staying with the park until they grow old and strong enough to be released back into the wild. It'll take around two years before they're ready, as well as "a copious amount of time, dedication, and resources," they wrote.

Because Alder and Willow are being rehabbed, you can't see them at the park if you visit. But, with little faces like that, they're sure to be big social media stars on the park's accounts so stay tuned for their adventures and updates.

The park is now working to build a fully-functioning beaver pool out of an older structure for the two to move into once they get bigger and stronger.

"The pair has a long road ahead of them, and we will be sure to share more of their journey as they progress," the park wrote.

In their video posted to Instagram, you can see Willow chowing down on a mashed meal. The video comes third in the photo gallery, so be sure to scroll to see it. Make sure you turn the sound on to catch their adorable munching sounds.