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A Beaver Was Caught Trying To Steal A Canadian Flag & Her Confidence Is Iconic (VIDEO)

The most Canadian thing you'll see today! 🇨🇦

If you haven't had your daily dose of "Oh, Canada!" today, we've got you covered. This video of a beaver stealing a Canadian flag is so adorable and it's almost too Canadian to cope with.

Saskatoon photographer Mike Digout — who has a whole YouTube channel dedicated to beavers doing stuff — captured the accidentally patriotic moment on June 19.

Oh Canada ...Beaver Steals my Canada Flag Mike's Videos of Beavers | YouTube

Sharing the clip on his social media channels, Digout described putting up the mini flag over a beaver trail, "hoping to get a photo of a beaver walking under it."

Instead, the Saskatchewan wildlife enthusiast captured his own heritage minute when "Spud" the brave beaver "took it up a notch by standing on guard for thee."

The hilarious and low-key iconic clip then shows Spud (who is a female, according to Digout) attempting to steal the flag and escape with it.

In an interview with CBC News, the photographer confirmed that he did, eventually, steal his prop back from the young beaver. But only because he didn't want the flag to end up as garbage in Spud's pond.

He also revealed that her name references the fact that she's "the cutest little potato in the pond."

Aww. Canada loves you, Spud!