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Ontario Man's Hockey Stick Duel With A Beaver Stops Traffic (VIDEO)

Only in Canada.
Deputy Editor, Social Publishing

How did the beaver cross the road? With a hockey stick, apparently. Sounds like a made-up scenario, but that's exactly what happened in what could be the most Canadian video ever filmed.

In the clip, a beaver can be seen standing in the middle of the street. Some cars had stopped to make sure it was okay.

"We drove up to a commotion on a Canadian highway in June and saw there was a beaver in the road," wrote the publisher in the caption.

"People stopped traffic for miles in both directions to make sure he didn't get hit."

"One gentleman retrieved a hockey stick from his truck to gently coax the critter out of the middle of the road. Beaver made it safely out of the way!"

Wild animals have been making odd appearances in Canada lately, as humans spend more time indoors.

Last month, a hardworking beaver was captured on video in Ontario, hauling lumber like nobody's business. 

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