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We hope you're sitting down because this Saskatchewan beaver video might be the wildest thing you've seen all week. 

We love a little razzle-dazzle and this creature has really kicked down the door with the most dramatic entrance of all time.

The video kicks off with a frozen body of water and all of a sudden this beaver shoots up from beneath it, smashing head-first through the ice in the world's biggest flex. 

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We know, we gasped too. 

Once the little buddy is through the ice, his street cred immediately begins to dwindle as he slips around, trying to get his body out of the water.

He eventually reaches for a branch, knowing he looks completely pathetic, and gets himself through the ice. 

Beavers are really weird (there, we said it) and this video just confuses us even more about the lives they lead.  

How did it get under the ice? Is this a normal thing?

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