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KFC's Plant-Based Chicken Is Coming Back To Canada & This Time It's Here To Stay

You can get chickenless chicken any time!

Vegetarian and flexitarian fans of fried foods rejoice! KFC Canada's plant-based chicken is making its return this month. On top of that, it's here to stay as a permanent menu item.

In an August 5 news release, the company announced that the plant-based KFC sandwich would be available again starting on August 10, and this time it won't be going away.

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Meat-free popcorn chicken will also be returning, but it will only be around until it runs out.

Both items can be ordered individually or in combos. If you're really looking to get your fill of the plant-based products before they run out, you can get them together in a box meal as well.

The two menu items, which are made in association with Lightlife, were first introduced for a very brief 24-hour window in November 2019.

They were also only available at one restaurant in Mississauga, so if you lived anywhere else, you were out of luck.

However, the company promised that if the products were a success, there would be a nationwide rollout in 2020. 

Well, it looks like they're delivering on that promise. Judging by how popular the plant-based chicken was for that very short amount of time last year, it seems like they had no choice.

"When we tested Plant-Based KFC by Lightlife late last year, we sold over a month's worth of sandwiches in six hours," Samantha Redman, Chief Marketing Officer at KFC Canada said in a statement.

"Seeing the extraordinary demand for Plant-Based KFC, we worked quickly to bring these menu items to our restaurants across Canada."

KFC isn't the only fast-food company in the country to try out meatless chicken products on its menu.

Last year, A&W introduced plant-based nuggets to its menu, which were also only available for a limited time.

While the company has teased the return of the popular item, it hasn't made any official announcements on whether they would be coming back.

Tim Hortons also tried to get in on the plant-based game last year with meatless burgers and breakfast sandwiches.

However, it didn't work out for them, and all of the products were pulled from the menu in January 2020.

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