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KD Is Giving Out Free Boxes Of Mac & Cheese Right Now To Canadians Who Want 'Noods'

You can send your crush a free box of KD! 😍
Kraft Dinner Is Giving Out Free 'Noods' To Single Canadians Looking For Love Right Now

Free “noods,” anyone? Right now, Kraft Dinner is dishing out free boxes of macaroni and cheese to help single Canadians find love.

In a news release shared on October 6, KD acknowledged that the pandemic is making dating difficult for many Canadians. To help out, they’re offering “free noods.” 

Single Canadians can send potential lovers a free box of KD, to “show their affection in the cheesiest way possible.”

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1,000 Free "noods" available

Between October 6 and 8, KD fans can visit to send their suitors a free box of mac and cheese.

All you have to do is visit the website and enter your lover’s address, and KD will do the rest.

There are 1,000 freebies available and they’re being shipped on a first-come, first-served basis.

If they run out, Canadians will also be able to purchase boxes online with a 20% discount, using the code “SENDNOODS.”

This isn’t the first quirky promo the company has launched recently. In honour of the fall season, KD announced a pumpkin spice mac and cheese that they promised “ain't no basic batch.”

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