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Kraft Dinner Is Releasing Pumpkin Spice KD In Canada & They Swear It's Not A Joke

There's an exclusive wait list! 🤯😂

The fall season has well and truly been shaken up. Pumpkin Spice Kraft Dinner is coming to Canada and it’s being described as a “spicy cheesy treat.” You’ll have to be quick though — this fall meal is limited to just 1,000 boxes!

Pumpkin spice is the unofficial flavour of fall and it seems there’s no end to the drinks and snacks you can spice-up.

On September 22 Kraft Dinner (KD) announced that a brand new flavour would be dropping in Canada next month.

While you might think pumpkin spice mac and cheese sounds terrifying, KD promises that “it ain't no basic batch.”

The Pumpkin Spice KD will be made with the company’s iconic cheese powder, but with a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger included.

However, unfortunately for fall-flavour lovers, this unusual meal won’t be available on store shelves.

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KD’s latest creation will only be available via an exclusive online waitlist and there’s only 1,000 boxes up for grabs.

According to the company, winners will receive “KD, a Pumpkin Spice Boost Pack, a fork, and of-course a signature white coffee style cup with your name written on it (spelled wrong of course).”

You can find the waitlist here.

“Ever wondered what KD with Pumpkin Spice would taste like?” asks the company on their website.

“Probably not, but we made it anyway,” they confirmed.

While KD admits they're “trolling the classic 'PSL',” the product is very much real!

For those who manage to get their hands on one of the boxes, KD recommends enjoying it with “a cozy scarf, flannel shirt, fresh manicure and a pumpkin patch.”

If you prefer your seasonal flavours in more traditional settings, Starbucks and Tim Hortons have both dropped their new menus.

Welcome to fall, Canada!