This Las Vegas Home For Sale Has Three Pools & One Has A Magical Waterfall

Pools as far as the eye can see. 🌊
Las Vegas Mansion: This Home For Sale Has Three Pools & One Has A Waterfall

Why settle for just one pool? We found a Las Vegas mansion that is so over-the-top we wish they would open it as a resort where we could come stay for the weekend.

There are three pools here, and one of them spills over as a cascading waterfall into the pool below.

This wild home has surprises around every corner and the more you explore, the more you will want to win the lottery ASAP to make an offer on it.

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[rebelmouse-image 25998303 photo_credit="The Ivan Sher Group" expand=1 original_size="1754x1162"] The Ivan Sher Group

Surrounded by palm trees and water, this seven-bedroom home is fit for royalty.

You don't need to go on a long waterfall hike because you can just go to your own backyard.

Window walls in the home give you a glimpse into the pools so you can keep an eye on your friends swimming while you sink the eight-ball into the corner pocket.

There are lush green views of the golf course that will make you forget that you're in a desert.

And if you need extra privacy while you swim why not check out this separate pool behind the guest house.

Vegas Home With Three Pools

Price: $14,500,000

Address: 93 Spanish Gate Dr., Las Vegas, NV

Description: This home feels like a Disney resort with its epic pools.

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