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Horsetail Falls In Utah Is A Dreamy Waterfall On The Tippy Top Of A Mountain

If your nature walks have been feeling a little dry lately, why not change up the scenery? Horsetail Falls in Utah is the most dreamy waterfall that cascades from the top of a short wooded hike. You can spend a few hours adventuring through this lush area and snap some seriously epic photos.

Horsetail Falls Trail near Alpine, Utah, is perfect if you're looking to venture out into nature and away from the city.

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The towering cascades are a great way to spend an afternoon exploring. 

You can hike the two-mile trail up to the falls, which winds through a canyon filled with lush forest trees.

At the top of the path, you will find that this mammoth waterfall flows down over a mountain of rocks in a breathtaking manner.

While the hike itself is relatively short, it grows steep reasonably quickly, and you will need to venture across several active streams to reach the destination.

You can reach the trail from the town on Grove Drive. There is parking in the area, but it can get busy, so it's a good idea to arrive early.

Once you reach Dry Creek Trailhead, you can follow it along to the actual path.

According to AllTrails, there is a rope attached to a nearby tree trunk for assistance up the steeper slope, which also marks the way to the top.

The trail is free to explore, and you can spend as much time as taking in the views once you reach the top.

Any hike is better when there is a surprise at the top, and this spot makes the work worth the reward.

You'll also get an exceptional glimpse of the valley below from the peak, which means you're getting two epic sights in one.

Give your favorite hiking buddy a call and have them meet you for this fantastic adventure to a spectacular local spot!

Horsetail Falls Trail

Price: Free

Address: Deer Creek-Dry Creek, Alpine, UT

Why You Need To Go: You can visit these incredible falls with this short hike that is worth the reward.


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