You don't need an excuse to get out and explore the wilderness, but this spot will give you one just the same. Upper Provo Falls in Utah features crystal-clear waters cascading over a natural staircase, and the effect is simply stunning. This charming area will transport you to a wonderland of waterfalls perfect for an escape in nature.

There are a variety of reasons to check out this area, but these falls are at the top of the list.

Upper Provo Falls along Mirror Lake Highway proves that every magical place can be made more exciting by a cascading waterfall.

The scenic highway is a treasure in itself, so you can make a day of it and enjoy the charming drive before hiking to the falls.

Signs to the Provo River Trail will lead you to the trailhead. The short hike is just under a mile and will lead you to wondrous waterfalls that are perfect for a relaxing stop.

You can explore Bridal Falls, which is in the same area, then continue up Provo Canyon to the top.

A pass for the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway costs $6 for three days, so you can go back to explore more if you want to.

The trail itself can get a little rocky, so just make sure to tread carefully.

According to, to reach the trailhead itself, you can drive from Kamas east on Highway 150 for 23.5 miles. There is parking, and an overlook you can check out before starting on the trail.

The vibrant green landscape and glittering falls are simply breathtaking, and you'll feel like you hiked right into a fairy tale.

A multi-level rock cliff lets the water cascade down and looks like a magical staircase hidden in the depths of the forest.

You can grab your favorite adventure buddy and explore the upper and lower falls, all while letting nature's majesty whisk you away to a dreamy alpine world.

Upper Provo Falls

Price: $6 for a three-day pass

Coordinates: Latitude: 40.6579, Longitude: -110.947

Why You Need To Go: You can visit these fantastic falls that look like they are flowing over a natural stairway.


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